For education to be effective, it must be imparted in a calm and peaceful environment. And that is probably the reason why most schools, colleges and universities, especially the ones dealing in technical education are worked far from the clamours of city life. The following is a rundown of Indian engineering institutes with conducive study environments and breathtakingly beautiful campuses, a combo that’s not just rare but also capable of working wonders on the academic performance of students.


1. Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College-

If you think studies are boring then you haven't most likely ever visited this beautiful academic organization located in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Luxuriating in the grandness of the mighty Himalayas, this engineering school is undoubtedly a standout amongst the most excellent in the nation. With its campus worked around 7000 feet above the sea level, what else can one anticipate? In simple terms, it’s pristine beauty as far as your eyes can see.


2. Jaypee University of Information Technology-

Who in the world would mind a snowfall while taking lectures in the class? But not every one of us is as lucky as the students of Jaypee University of Information Technology are. Spread across 25 acres of Himachali slopes, this engineering school definitely is a treat to the eyes. Not just the location, even the architecture of the institute is at par with international standards and peppers its already picturesque campus.


3. National Institute of Technology, Srinagar-

What soothes your eyes the most-greenery, water or snow? If all three of these do, then you ought to pay a visit at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar some time soon. Spread over 100 acres of land, this college appears to have come straight out of some travel show on the television. The institute is situated on the western bank of Dal Lake (a world heritage site), close to the Hazratbal Shrine in the north eastern area of the Srinagar city, and is out-and-out appealing to the eyes. With an incredibly green and beautiful campus, this school has definitely made a name for itself.


4. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-

Talk about large campus, good education and aesthetics, IIT, Kharagpur has it all. With its campus spanning some 2100 acres of land, IIT Kharagpur boasts of being the largest IIT with respect to area. What peps up the appearance of the campus even more is the architectural excellence you witness in its buildings. Designed under a Swiss architect, the buildings indisputably add to the beauty of the institute.


5. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee-

If you are of the opinion that too much of greenery is bland and boring, you should probably take some time out to pay a visit at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Never would you have imagined white buildings standing against a backdrop of green trees could look that attractive. Located at Haridwar, this institute definitely offers a visual treat. It is so beautiful that even Bollywood couldn’t resist the urge to use it to its advantage.  A few scenes of the movie Paan Singh Tomar is said to be shot here.