India, no doubt, is travellers’ paradise but you can’t ensure a successful trip if you haven’t packed your bags right. Taking everything you use at home on a daily basis along with you is practically impossible which is why being smartly selective while packing is of utmost importance. Here is an inventory of items that you simply can’t afford to overlook if you have an Indian tour on the cards.

1. A portable water purifier: India is a diverse country. While some places are full of amenities others might appear out-and-out dry to you in all its imaginable senses. If you are on a tour across rural India then you sure can’t expect to come across roadside shops selling bottled mineral water. A portable water purifier proves lifesaving in such a situation. All you need is some water (yes, from any available source), pour it into the purifier and lo! Your potable water is ready. Take a sip without apprehensions.

2. Medicines: If you are in India, you definitely can’t curb the urge to gorge on street food. While it can be quite scintillating to the taste buds, your tummy may get really upset with all the spices and oils. With medicines close at hand, you will not have to ruin the trip owing to a runny stomach or a headache or fever or a cold or whatsoever. Also, it could be so that you are in a place without a chemist shop within reach. Believe it or not, your tiny first aid kit will take care of your medical urgencies while in India.

3. Female urination device: Might sound gross, but you should never travel without a urination device in India, if you are a female traveller. Finding a sparkling clean toilet here isn’t a matter of lark. In fact, in many places you won’t spot one at all. To save your day, you must have this device at your disposal. You haven’t heard of one before? Yes, it’s a real thing and is super convenient to use. If you don’t know where it could be available, you can carry out a little search over the internet.

4. A dust mask: Nobody would have thought of it but a dust mask can sometimes prove lifesaving when you are touring the Indian subcontinent, more so, if you allergic to dust. This mask will not only protect you from dust but will also safeguard you from pollution and germs. Most people do fine with a bandana, a handkerchief or a piece of cloth but since a dust mask is engineered to check dust, you will feel more protected with one.

5. Miscellaneous: Besides taking clothes and shoes as per weather conditions, one must take a couple of interesting books to endure long and tedious journeys. Other things that will complete your packing for a trip round India are packs of electrolytes, an Indian tourist guide book, a Swiss army pocket knife, a pouch for important documents, a pair of shades, a power bank, and a good quality camera to picture the beauty and dynamism of this unique country.